Nature Valley bars are delicious, handy-sized bars keep you going throughout the day and to recharge your outdoor adventures. These bars exist to hit the balance between health and indulgence. Nature is a wonderful source of energy, inspiration and deliciousness, and that is the main reason why Nature Valley uses real, natural ingredients sourced from nature.
This was a photoshoot done for Nature Valley in accordance to the Recharge Yourself campaign which was to establish Nature Valley granola bars as the perfect snack for when you’re feeling low on energy and need to #RechargeYourself. These pictures show the ingredient break-up of the Nature Valley bars as well as various situation in which you would consider munching/buying the bar – post or prior to a work out session, on your work desk, in a grocery bag etc.
The overall engagement rate of these posts are 14.82% organically on Instagram and have performed really well individually as well. This could be attributed to the rich, Instagram-worthy imagery.

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